Me and Macy, my haflinger.

The bond of trust and kindness is of utmost importance in forging relationships with animals. Your animals are always there to comfort you.

Through the years, I have developed the gift of reading animals’ body language and emotion by training German Shepherds and riding/driving carriage horses. I aim to show emotion in my pet portraits: whether it’s a pose, a look, or a beloved dog toy in the painting, I strive to show your pet’s personality and uniqueness.

I want my art to honor the animal. I truly believe animals are gifts to us. How we interact, protect, love, and use them should all be done out of respect and honor of what they are. This is what drives me to paint these magnificent creatures.

I am a woman who has loved animals all my life, and I have always strived to build relationships with all the animals that have entered my life. Nothing makes me happier than to call my horses in from the pasture and to see Macy and Joseph come running in to greet me, leaving the lush grass for another time.

Jan Arbogast

Dog-Eared Portraits