An Unexpected Setback


Emotions have been running high and low over these last several weeks. You see, we’re in the process of moving out of state. My husband has accepted a new job working with a great group of people making a difference. Everything was going smoothly: purging of things that had collected over the last eighteen years with a family of five, cleaning and straightening up the closets for the upcoming open houses, then a good offer on the house comes and we’re in contract. My husband and I take several trips to look for homes in our upcoming new location. Finally, we find one we love and now we’re in contract on that house. it’s a home where we can make it our own, and nature is close at hand. My creative mind has been on overload, thinking of ways to do things that don’t cost a lot but will make a difference. I’ve had to do that my whole life, so this is something I think I’m pretty good at.  I enjoy figuring out ways to make things work smoothly and cheaply.

Well, we were almost to closing on our home here and then there is a phone call:  there is a problem that the buyer has, an unforeseen problem. My husband, the realtor, and I spent three days trying to figure out a compromise, but the buyer doesn’t want a compromise. So unless a miracle happens, the deal for the house is not going to happen and we are back to square one. But my husband must start his job out of state.

So it looks like I’ll be having a lot of undisturbed studio time, as he will be in one place and I will be here until the house sells. With all of this disruption, I haven’t had a lot of time to paint. And now with the sadness, I almost can’t paint. But I am an artist. I will push myself forward. I will create. I will enjoy that zen of painting again. I will get lost in time with my brushes and paper. I will enjoy those moments of excitement when all those brushstrokes turn into an adorable, furry, happy dog.

I will escape.

Jan Arbogast