Pet Portrait Gift Voucher

If you want to give someone the gift of a painting, then this gift voucher is perfect for you! You'll purchase the voucher below, and once the order is confirmed, I'll email the recipient an exclusive voucher with a code. For your reference as you decide your gift voucher amount, I have my sizes and prices chart below, along with previous pet portraits.

Pet Portrait Gift Voucher
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Painting Prices

I offer several sizes from small to large. Your choice may depend on the number of pets and your budget. The sizes below are for the most popular standard sized frames. I have listed one square size for a more contemporary look. 

I do all my portraits with no background, so as to let the painting focus on your pet.

Painting Size One Pet Two Pets Three Pets
5 x 7 $150 --- ---
6 x 8 $175 --- ---
8 x 10 $225 --- ---
11 x 14 $350 $475 ---
12 x 16 $415 $515 $615
16 x 20 $630 $780 $930

If you would like a full body portrait, I can certainly do that; however, it will be an additional 25% to the cost.
For multiple pets, please contact me directly.