5 Easy Steps for a Commission

Step One

Painting size

I offer several sizes from small to large. Your choice may depend on the number of pets and your budget. The sizes below are for the most popular standard sized frames.

I do all my portraits with little to no background, so as to let the painting focus on your pet.

Painting Size One Pet Two Pets Three Pets
5 x 7 $150 --- ---
6 x 8 $175 --- ---
8 x 10 $225 --- ---
11 x 14 $350 $475 ---
12 x 16 $415 $515 $615
16 x 20 $630 $780 $930

If you would like a full body portrait, I can certainly do that; however, it will be an additional 10% to the cost.
For multiple pets, please contact me directly.


Step Two

Selecting the reference photo

Here are some guidelines:

  • Clear sharp photo

  • Good lighting - avoid heavy shadows

  • Get a photo down at their eye level, not from above

  • Capture a moment in time that shows the uniqueness and character of your pet.

Feel free to send me several photos that will help me see your pet’s personality.


Step Three

Order your Commission

Send me an email with:

  • Your reference photo

  • Your name

  • Your pet's name


Step Four


Then I'll reach back out to you to get your approval on the cropped reference photo to be used and your deposit payment so you can get on the list.  Also check out and review my Terms and Conditions.


Step Five

The Process

I will email you progress photos and share them on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, unless the portrait is a surprise. Upon completion of the painting, I will email you a full scan of the finished portrait for your approval. Upon approval, I will invoice you for the remaining balance due. Full payment must be received before shipping. Your painting will be shipped in a protective sleeve and mailed to you via USPS.